The End of Sorrow: A Novel of the Siege of Leningrad in WWII

A love that would not die . . .A city that would not surrender . . .A war that knew no bounds . . .The date is June 21st, 1941, and Adolf Hitler is about to lead Germany into what would become one of the bloodiest, most barbaric wars the world would ever know. His invasion plan, Operation: Barbarossa, calls for taking the northern Russian city of Leningrad in a matter of weeks, but as the troops reach the outside border of the city, the Soviet resistance stiffens and a stalemate ensues. Hitler calls for continual bombardment of the city and cutting off all outside supplies. He boasts that the city will starve to death and the German forces will march into a ghost town. Follow a cast of lovers, heroes, and fiends some real-to-life as they struggle through one of the most horrific human dramas ever created. For 900 days, the citizens and soldiers of Leningrad, Russia endured one of the worst sieges in the history of mankind. Some would find the inner strength that would make them a light unto the darkness. Others would descend into madness. Read their stories, and explore for yourself just what is the end of sorrow.  (See much more at